The Simple Programmer: Working on the Soft Skills

Posted on Sat 21 November 2015 in Tech • Tagged with development, blogging

In my continual quest for knoweldge, I don't always consume purely technical literature. I also like to read those books that teach us how to interact with people. As I continue down my career path, it's becoming more and more clear to me that the so-called "soft skills ...

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Code Camp Columbus 2011

Posted on Sat 29 October 2011 in Tech • Tagged with code, Open Source

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend Code Camp Columbus for the first time. This is the second year that the event has been held, and it was pretty great this year. As a busy, working developer, I greatly appreciate their core principles:

  • by and for the developer community ...

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COhPUG Monthly Meetup and FreeGeek

Posted on Tue 27 September 2011 in Tech • Tagged with linux, volunteering, hardware, python

This week I think I've met my geek quota a little early, so hopefully I can just cruise the rest of the week. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the amount of geekery that goes on in Columbus on a random week.

Tuesday was the monthly meetup for the ...

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FreeGeek Columbus Volunteering

Posted on Tue 13 September 2011 in Tech • Tagged with linux, volunteering, hardware

I volunteered today for the first time at FreeGeek Columbus. I got a tour from the staff, which included a runaround of all the stacks of hardware that they have in stock. I don't think I've ever seen so many video cards, memory sticks, hard drives, and various ...

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Keynote Speech at OLF 2011

Posted on Sun 11 September 2011 in Tech • Tagged with OLF2011, Linux, Open Source

This talk was given by Cathy Malmrose of ZaReason and mostly consisted of her relating how awesome it is to have an operating system that "just works", to steal a phrase from the Steve. This enables her to focus on the hardware, making it as robust, powerful, and cost effective ...

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Ohio LinuxFest 2011 Series

Posted on Sun 11 September 2011 in Tech • Tagged with OLF2011, Linux, Open Source

In this series of posts I will be review my experience at the 2011 Ohio LinuxFest. I will be giving my opinions and what I learned at the talks. Overall it was a very good day of talks, and I'm always impressed at how well organized this free convention ...

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Computer Engineer Barbie

Posted on Wed 13 January 2010 in Tech • Tagged with Barbie, Funny

A coworker writes me saying:

Please take a moment to vote for Barbie to become a Computer Engineer. Future generations of computer engineers would really appreciate it if we could influence some girls to take up the profession.

So indeed, I did vote, and so should you....or else! From ...

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HP Laptop Linux Boot Parameters

Posted on Mon 03 November 2008 in Tech • Tagged with Linux

Instead of me wracking my braing trying to remember the exact boot parameters to make my HP laptop not break when I update the kernel, I am posting it here. Hopefully someone else may find it useful as well. My specific laptop is the HP dv9000 series special edition I ...

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Google Chrome and Firefox 3 Benchmark Comparisons

Posted on Tue 02 September 2008 in Tech • Tagged with Firefox, Chrome, Javascript

Google released the beta for their new browser called Google Chrome and one of the features they talked about was the new Javascript virtual machine. So to test their claims of speed I ran Sun's SunSpider Javascript benchmark on both. The results of the tests follow:

Firefox 3

Google ...

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