HP Laptop Linux Boot Parameters

Posted on Mon 03 November 2008 in Tech

Instead of me wracking my braing trying to remember the exact boot parameters to make my HP laptop not break when I update the kernel, I am posting it here. Hopefully someone else may find it useful as well. My specific laptop is the HP dv9000 series special edition I bought at Best Buy about a year ago and I am currently running Ubuntu 8.10 with the 2.27 kernel. The "magic" boot parameter seems to be pnpbios=off, so I end up with a grub entry something like:

root (hd0,0)
kernel /vmlinuz root=UUID=<some giant UUID> ro quiet splash pnpbios=off
initrd /initrd.img

Fixes most things including sleep, hibernate, USB hotplugging, and most noticeably my wireless card.