CakePHP Lightbox Helper

Made a helper to output lightbox compatible links, since the core HTML helper was not working. Stick the following code in app/view/helpers/lightbox.php:

class LightboxHelper extends AppHelper {

    var $helpers = array('Html');

    function img($thumb, $full, $imgAttributes = array(), $linkAttributes = array()) {
        $defaultLinkAttributes = array('rel'=>'lightbox');
        $linkAttributes = array_merge($defaultLinkAttributes, $linkAttributes);

        $thumb = $this->Html->image($thumb, $imgAttributes);
        if (strpos($full, '://') === false) {
            $full = $this->Html->webroot(IMAGES_URL . $full);
        return $this->Html->output(sprintf($this->Html->tags['link'], $full, $this->Html->_parseAttributes($linkAttributes), $thumb));

Then you can use it from your views, after including it in your controller's $helpers array, like the following:

echo $lightbox->img('somethumb.jpg', 'somefullimage.jpg');
Ben Snider

Benjamin Snider

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