Flash 10 Valid Vector Elements

Finally got around to learning about the new collection class available in Flash 10. To be honest, I'm not terribly excited about many things in Flash 10, hence my slowness to adapt. But, the vector class does interest me somewhat. It promises faster iteration over a strongly typed collection. Doesn't seem to add any other handy features however, like Flex's robust ArrayCollection methods including removeItem. But alas. As for it being faster, I have heard talk around the internets of the vector class only being significantly faster with simple types, but I'm way too lazy to any informal benchmarks of my own, so I'll just read someone else's results. One specific question I had that I didn't see answered anywhere, however, was the type of objects you could stick in a vector once the template class had been set. It was my suspicion that you could put any subclass of the template class in the vector, just like C++ templated vetors, but I hadn't read it confirmed anywhere, so I fired up my shiny new Flash CS4 and gave it a try. And indeed, my suspicion was correct. The following simple code below validates my hypothesis.

var test:Vector.<Sprite> = new Vector.<Sprite>();
test.push(new Sprite(), new MovieClip());

// should output something like "[object Sprite],[object MovieClip]"
Ben Snider

Benjamin Snider

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