Flex Scale Image to Max Dimension

Recently had a problem where I needed to display images as large as possible within given bounds. So I made a handy little function that computes the scaling needed so that the image, if it is larger than any of the bounds, is scaled so that its largest dimension becomes equal to the given maximum. This function scales the image proportionally so it won't skew it.

public function scaleImageToMaxDimension(img:Image, maxWidth:Number, maxHeight:Number):void {
    var scaleH:Number=1, scaleV:Number=1;
    if (img.content.height > maxHeight) {
        scaleV = maxHeight / img.content.height;
    if (img.content.width > maxWidth) {
        scaleH = maxWidth / img.width;
    img.scaleX = img.scaleY = Math.min(scaleH, scaleV);

Flex doesn't do a terribly good job of resizing images, however, but it works for images that just need to be tweaked to fit. If you have control over your images and your display size, it is always best to resize them as needed to save space/bandwidth and preserve quality. This approach works best when you have little or no control over either. In application this code would be used after the image has finished loading. So for example I might do something like the following:

import flash.events.Event;
import mx.controls.Image;

public class Test {
    public var image:Image;

    // pretend scale function is here

    public function Test {
        image = new Image();
        image.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, imageComplete, false, 0, true);

    private function imageComplete(event:Event):void {
        scaleImageToMaxDimension(image, 100, 100);
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