Refocusing On Open Source Swift

I have finally decided to take up blogging here again. After some life changes, a new job and a big move, I figured it was about time to tickle the plastics again. And yes you can look forward to many more bad jokes (and sentences starting with conjunctions, this site says it's OK though).

In the process, I'm refocusing the blog from a general programming blog, to a more specialized blog. The topics I'll be writing about will be centered around Apple's Swift language, particularly the parts of the language and standard library that will be open sourced in the (hopefully very) near future. In the meantime I'll write about using Swift as a general purpose language: not just Swift in iOS or Mac OS.

So hold tight and I'll get some new content up in here.

Ben Snider

Benjamin Snider

Hi! 👋 I'm Ben and I like to write about technical and nerdy things. Historically about Swift and iOS. But, I've recently started a masters program in computer science (Georgia Tech's OMSCS), so the content here may pivot as such.  Get @me!