Making Swift Code More Swifty And An MVVM Aside

Posted on Tue 17 May 2016 in iOS Development • Tagged with swift, development, iOS, denver swift heads

At May's Denver Swift Heads meetup, Vui Nguyen gave a great presentation on completing an interview algorithm puzzle. Her intro to the talk is paraphrased better than I can:

There's a job you want to apply to, but it requires writing a software program. And (gasp!) the software ...

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Refocusing On Open Source Swift

Posted on Sat 24 October 2015 in Open Source Swift • Tagged with swift, ios, meta

I have finally decided to take up blogging here again. After some life changes, a new job and a big move, I figured it was about time to tickle the plastics again. And yes you can look forward to many more bad jokes (and sentences starting with conjunctions, this site ...

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NSZombie to the Freaking Rescue

Posted on Wed 05 May 2010 in Development • Tagged with iOS, iPad, iPhone, Objective-C

So I've been beating my head against a wall the past few days trying to cram as much Objective-C knowledge as possible and I think it's all starting to click.

Today I stumbled over the NSZombieEnabled argument and HOLY CRAP WHY ISN'T THIS DEFAULT BEHAVIOR. After enabling ...

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