COhPUG Monthly Meetup and FreeGeek

Posted on Tue 27 September 2011 in Tech • Tagged with linux, volunteering, hardware, python

This week I think I've met my geek quota a little early, so hopefully I can just cruise the rest of the week. I'm always pleasantly surprised by the amount of geekery that goes on in Columbus on a random week.

Tuesday was the monthly meetup for the ...

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Simple Pelican Blog Post Template Generator

Posted on Sun 11 September 2011 in Development • Tagged with python, pelican

I just finished a simple script that helps generate Pelican blog posts by printing out some reStructuredText, in the format Pelican expects, based on the given input parameters. You can use it simple as in the following listing:

./tools/ "My New Post"

And it will generate the reStructuredText ...

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It's Alive!

Posted on Thu 08 September 2011 in Development • Tagged with Python, Hosting, Linux

Finally got the new blog up and running. But I feel like I've learned a lot about modern python development (github, pip, virtualenv, etc.), which was the main impetus behind doing this conversion.

This blog is now a static site that's generated using Pelican, stored on my GitHub ...

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Dynamically Import and Instantiate Python Classes

Posted on Wed 27 February 2008 in Development • Tagged with Python

Ran into this bit of genius code in the python mailing list. Here's the code for now and I'll explain it later:

def forname(modname, classname):
    ''' Returns a class of "classname" from module "modname". '''
    module = __import__(modname)
    classobj = getattr(module, classname)
    return classobj

Basically it returns a class ...

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Python Lies

Posted on Sun 17 February 2008 in Development • Tagged with Python

This is probably a documented issue, but I think it deserves another mention. Python lies, its the truth. Well, as much as an interpreter can lie. Say we want to do some math in Python. Say we want to raise large numbers to large numbers. Say those numbers are 324 ...

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