Exile Issue 1 Released

Exile Issue 1 Cover{width="600"}

The game I've been working on at my day job has been released. The first issue of Exile is available today, and if you order now for $8 you get the remaining 3 issues delivered digitally when they are released.

Exile is unlike most games and most graphic novels, in that it offers first rate art and story with a compelling interface including interactivity, a soundtrack, and sound effects. We've also put a lot of effort into making the game as immersive as possible by providing unlockable elements within the game that give players a look at concept art, character sketches, and even minigames set in the Exile universe. The end result is a unique experience and the game succeeds in blurring the line between graphic novels and video games.

I've been lucky to work with a great team of artists and writers on this game, and I couldn't be happier with the way this has turned out.

Ben Snider

Benjamin Snider

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