Don't Get Shot Released

Don't Get Shot

The minigame I've been working on at my day job has been released, play "Don't Get Shot" free at Kongregate. This minigame is released in support of the release of the first issue of Exile.

The game is a reversal on the popular top down shmup genre, in that you are the one getting shot at. It is your goal to not get shot, or exploded, and progress through the levels. The level names I find entertaining and they typically give you a hint as to what to expect in the level.

The game was made with the excellent Flixel and Box2D libraries. It is a successful hybrid between the two, leveraging the Flixel framework for its great sprite animation, state management, and quick rendering, while using the accurate physics and collision features of the Box2D project. The integration was actually a great deal simpler than I thought it was going to be, which is like icing on the cake given all the features now available. These features coupled with a simple editor and an xml level format made it easy to turn out lots of great levels, which you can look forward to in future issue releases.

The game's artwork was done by Dave Will, the original concept was created by Ran Flasterstein, and the levels were done by Jay Treuhaft and Fred Dinovo.

Ben Snider

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