Lice Helper Launched

Recently finished and launched a new website for a client. The website advertises a lice removal service and provides means for potential customers to learn about the service and get in touch with the business quickly and easily. Lice Helper The site is built on a CakePHP application and actually uses Wordpress for the blog section of the site. It doesn't use Wordpress for any of the front end, but in the back end the standard Wordpress Dashboard is used to manage, edit, and write blog posts that are then displayed in the front end blog section. The site also utilizes my meta description and title components, that allow the application to manage those parts of the page independently of the page content. Basically it just ties a URL to a title or a description, matches them up when pages are requested, and if it finds a matching record it outputs it in the proper place. Otherwise it will output a sensible default text. I did enjoy working with CakePHP again as it's been some time. But all the things I liked about it still apply. It's still lightening fast from prototype to finished site, and design modifications couldn't be any simpler. All in all, good project, and I think the end result looks and works very well.

Lice Helper

Ben Snider

Benjamin Snider

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